Top 5 Tablet Holders for Entertaining Passengers

Top 5 Tablet Holders for Entertaining Passengers

Long trips can cause boredom to your passengers. But did you know you can change the narrative by installing tablet holders for entertaining passengers? Yes. These devices attach to the headrest and hold an iPad or tablet firmly.

Many tablet holders for entertaining passengers exist. Unfortunately, they are not made equal. Some can fall off when vibration in the cabin exceeds the limit, especially if you ride on bumpy roads. But with the right products, you will never regret spending your money. You can get quality tablet holders for just a few bucks.

Read on as we review the top 5 tablet holders for entertaining passengers. Whether you have toddlers or adults in the backseat, the following products will suit your needs:

1. Tryone Car Headrest Tablet Holder

The first on this list of the top 5 tablet holders for entertaining passengers is the Tryone car headrest tablet or iPad holder. As expected, this device clamps on the headrest rails and holds onto a tablet. The manufacturer specifies that it is ideal for tablets between 4.7 and 10.5 inches.

The Tryone tablet holder is easy to install and releases within seconds if you want to remove it. You can fit it in your car if the distance between the two headrest posts is within the 4.9-5.9 inches range. So, always take the measurements to ensure a snug fit.

This tablet holder is also compatible with smartphones and iPads. Its wide application makes it one of the most common among car enthusiasts and one of the must-have car accessories. It is also loved for its adjustability. You can rotate it at different angles for more comfortable viewing.

Tryone tablet holders are made of ABS plastic and finished with anti-skip and anti-scratch silicone. Some of its parts are constructed with premium-grade aluminum alloy, which enhances its durability. It is a long-term investment like your car. Once you buy it, you forget about looking for another headrest tablet holder.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install and release
  • Designed with charging and headphone slots
  • Multi-angle rotation and adjustable viewing angle
  • Reliable and durable
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Top angles are prone to flopping
  • Limited to tablet sizes of 10″ below
Tryone Car Headrest Tablet Holder image
Klsniur Car Headrest Mount Tablet Holder image

2. Klsniur Car Headrest Mount Tablet Holder

Klsniur tablet holder comes second for its excellent compatibility and flexibility. It holds 6-10.5″ tablets and 4.5-8″ cell phones. It features 360 degrees of rotation and distance adjustments of up to 8.6 inches. Additionally, the Klsniur tablet holder features a swivel ball connection with a tilt mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle for comfortable viewing.

Like the Tryone tablet holder, Klsniur fits between the headrest posts. It is ideal for your car if the gap between the posts is between 4.7 and 5.9 inches.

The Klsniur headrest tablet holder is ideal for any passenger. With it, you can turn long boring trips into fun and interactive ones. By design, this product holds tablets tightly and is unaffected by vibrations. So, even if your road trip takes you to the countryside, you can rely on it to withstand the conditions for uninterrupted entertainment.

Pros and Cons

  • 360-degrees rotation
  • Support landscape and portrait tablet modes
  • Rubber-lined to protect your device from scratch
  • Securely holds tablets
  • High compatibility with different devices, including tables and cell phones
  • A bit challenging to adjust
  • Limited to tablets of 10” size and no larger

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3. Macally Universal Tablet Holder for Car Headrest

Unlike the first two tablet holders discussed, Macally wraps itself around the headrest. It does not rely on the distance between the two headrest posts. That means it can be installed on any car. Despite the different design, it remains one of the best car tablet holders to install and adjust. It attaches to the back of the headrest and secures tablets from sudden jerks and sharp turns.

If you want something more affordable to hold a tablet or any other device to entertain passengers, check out the Macally headrest tablet holder. It is the perfect choice for passengers of all ages. Instead of looking down at the tablet, this product lets them keep an upright posture for a more comfortable ride and fun.

The Macally headrest tablet holder is a universal fit for tablets. It provides a stable mount for devices with screen sizes ranging from 5” – 11”.

The Mecally headrest tablet holder is portable and has a 2-year warranty. You also get lifetime customer support when you buy it from a certified dealer.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fits most headrests
  • Relatively affordable
  • Stable and tightly holds tablets
  • Not ideal for small devices such as mobile phones
  • No tilting function – viewing angle may be inconvenient for some passengers.
Macally Universal Tablet Holder for Car Headrest image
Arkon TAB188L22 Car Seat Rail Tablet Mount image

4. Arkon TAB188L22 Car Seat Rail Tablet Mount

If you are a handy person looking for something more permanent, consider the Arkon TAB188L22 car seat rail tablet mount. As the name implies, this tablet holder is bolted on the seat rail and can be installed for passengers. Installation is not all that complicated. But if you can’t, call a technician to help you. It requires a wrench to loosen seat rail bolts and tighten them after putting them in place.

The main advantage of considering the Arkon TAB188L22 tablet holder is its capability. Unlike all tablet holders, it can fit devices over 18 inches. However, it is also not ideal for small devices below 7 inches. Don’t think of using your mobile phone to entertain passengers. But the Arkon TAB188L22 will suit your needs if you have a Phone X Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Google Pixel, iPad Pro, and other relatively big devices.

The Arkon TAB188L22 tablet holder offers high flexibility regarding where to install it. It features a 22-inch, spring-loaded gooseneck arm that allows viewing angle adjustments. You can bend the neck to achieve the exact position for your tablet, whether you prefer landscape or portrait mounting.

Pros and Cons

  • Limitless viewing angles
  • Holds larger tablets and devices
  • Ideal for off-roading
  • Offers installation flexibility and can be installed in any car
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Installation requires time, unlike other tablet holders on this list
  • Holding screws can loosen over time, making it sway a bit
  • Expensive

5. Timewall Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Timewall wraps up our list of the top 5 tablet holders for entertaining passengers. It is also a perfect lifesaver for long trips. If you have kids in the backseat and want to keep them engaged, choose the Timewall tablet holder. It is widely compatible with many cars with 4.7-7.9 inches between the headrest poles.

Timewall tablet holder also boasts high compatibility. It can hold virtually any tablet or phone between 5 and 11 inches. You can buy it for your iPad Pro, iPad air mini, Google Pixel series, etc. Additionally, it offers secure placement, thanks to its non-slip silicone mats on grooves.

No tools are required to install, mount, adjust, or operate the Timewall tablet holder. Once fitted, its built-in swivel ball and rotating mechanism allow you to rotate or tilt it at any angle to achieve any desired viewing angle. It is also easy to switch between landscape and portrait modes.

Drive safe and happy by using the right tablet holder to entertain passengers. Choose the Timewall headrest tablet holder.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy installation – no additional tools required
  • 360-degree rotation and tilt function
  • Secure placement with non-slip silicone mats on grooves
  • Switching landscape and portrait modes instantly
  • Stepless stretch from 1.9 inches to 8.7 inches
  • Limited to holding 11″ and below tablets
Timewall Car Headrest Tablet Mount image

Conclusion – Top 5 Tablet Holders for Entertaining Passengers

Tablet holders spice up long trips. With the right product, you can cover miles without getting complaints from your passengers. They will enjoy uninterrupted entertainment throughout the journey and without fatigue. That is possible if the tablet holder can be adjusted to the most comfortable viewing angle, which is the case with the top 5 tablet holders for entertaining passengers on this list.

Fortunately, tablet holders are cost-effective products. However, you cannot buy any product that appears on the first page. Consider compatibility, stability, installation, and reliability. It should be easy to install and hold the intended device.

Take time to choose the best tablet holder for your intended use. Ensure it has a high build quality and will last long. That is what is worth spending on.