The 5 Best Lift Kits for Off-Road Performance

The 5 Best Lift Kits for Off-Road Performance

If you are an adventurer or an outdoorsy person, installing the best lift kits for off-road performance is vital. It is the only way to navigate the rough terrain and muddy countryside roads. Without it, you can literally not move or significantly affect the performance of your truck.

The best lift kit allows you to seamlessly drive through the rough countryside road without reducing load-carrying capacity or ride quality. A lift kit lets you mount maximum tire size and increase the ground clearance. But which lift kit is the best for your vehicle?

Read on for a detailed review of the best lift kits for off-road performance. This buying guide includes 5 products from reputable manufacturers. Let’s dive right in!

1. Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Lift Kit for Ford

ReadyLift is a relatively new brand in the industry. But it’s already making statements with its wide range of lift and leveling kits. The company also produces individual vehicle components for almost all SUVs and Trucks in the market, including Ford, Toyota, Ford, Jeep, Ram, Chevy, etc.

The Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Lift Kit is specifically for Ford pickup trucks. It fits the Ford F-Series and other SUVs. This bolt-on kit provides complimentary front and rear lift packages from 2.25 to 3.5 inches. And you get the lift as advertised on Amazon.

This product gives you an additional lift for off-road performance while keeping most factory features. Your vehicle’s turning radius will not be affected when you fit it with Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Lift Kit. You can also use your original wheels if you need to after installation.

ReadyLift lift kit also comes with a leveling kit, which allows you to achieve an off-road look and smooth appearance while maintaining your ride’s comfort.

The product is also reliable and durable. The leveling kit includes powder-coated steel coil spring spacers, cast-iron track bar relocation brackets, sound isolators, shock extensions, and a sway bar frame. These are all robustly built to handle off-road conditions, and the sound isolators ensure minimal noise in the cabin.

Lastly, Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Lift Kit is easy to install and has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Maintains smooth ride
  • Reliable and durable
  • Lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects
  • Relatively expensive
Readylift 66-2726 2.5” Lift Kit for Ford image
Rough Country 1.5-2" Leveling Lift Kit for Chevy/GMC image

2. Rough Country 1.5-2″ Leveling Lift Kit

Rough Country is one of the oldest brands in the industry. It has grown to be one of the best off-road shock absorber manufacturers. However, it has also created a diverse portfolio of products for almost every off-roader. Its lift kits can give you up to a whopping 7 inches lift for navigating the rugged countryside terrain.

The Rough Country 1.5-2″ Leveling Lift Kit is designed to fit in Chevy or GMC pickup trucks. But you can find similar products for other vehicles from the same manufacturer. As mentioned, the company makes aftermarket components for almost every off-roader.

This product is one of the best in performance on and off the road. It includes durable forged torsion adjuster keys and strong fabricated blocks, which ensure reliability. The manufacturer also backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty. You will get quality and value for every penny you spend on Rough Country’s lift kits.

Rough Country is also one of the best lift kits because of its bolt-on installation supported by RC. You can complete the process in your garage if you are a DIYer. However, the manufacturer recommends checking the bolts and nuts for tightness after the first 500 miles and every 1,000 miles later. Also, get a professional mechanic to check wheel alignment, suspension, steering, and driveline systems every 3,000 miles.

The Rough Country lift kit includes high-pressure nitrogen-charged premium shocks with 10-stage variable valving and an 18mm spring-loaded piston rod. These features make them ideal for off-road action and smooth highway rides.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable and fairly durable
  • Even ground clearance at the front and rear
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shocks do not have dust covers
  • Relatively low quality compared with competing brands

3. Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit for Jeep

Skyjacker has been in the business for over 4 decades, providing aftermarket suspension systems for different applications. The brand has a wide range of lift heights to maximize off-road performance for Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota vehicles.

Skyjacker TJ401BPH is one of the best lift kits for its reliability and durability. It effectively increases ground clearance, setting your vehicle ready for off-road use. Using it will automatically create more room for installing oversize tires to handle rough terrain and improved performance.

With proper adjustments, the Skyjacker TJ401BPH lift kit allows you to install up to 34-inch tires for better ground clearance and off-road experience. Your vehicle will handle all terrains and overcome any obstacles on the road. Like many lift kits for trucks and SUVs, the Skyjacker TJ401BPH lift kit comes with high-quality shock absorbers. These are sensitive to speed and respond well during impact. When paired together, the result is a safe and smooth ride, regardless of the road conditions. The lift kit offers a suspension system for the 2018 Jeep JL and 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Pros and Cons

  • All components are boxed in the factory, ready for installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable and reliable
  • Does not fit some Jeep models
Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4" Lift Pallet Kit for Jeep image
Daystar KT09134BK 2.5" Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit image

4. Daystar KT09134BK 2.5″ Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit

Daystar was established in 1977 and has made strides since then. The products have become a household name in the aftermarket suspension industry for decades. Besides the suspension systems, Daystar has diversified its production into leveling and lift kits known for their dependable performances.

The Daystar KT09134BK lift kit effectively lifts vehicles without affecting ride quality and load-carrying capacity. With increased ground clearance, you can handle any terrain your trip takes. It is one of the easy ways of creating room for installing wider wheels on your vehicle.

This kit includes high-density progressive polyethene front strut spacers and rear lift blocks with U-bolts for easy installation. The spacers act as isolators, ensuring no metal-on-metal contact with other leveling kits.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Relatively affordable
  • Maintains ride quality and load-carrying capacity
  • Increases height and enhances performance
  • Installation instructions could have been better
  • May leak grease if incorrectly installed

5. MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit

The last item on the list of the best lift kits is MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R. The kit raises your vehicle by 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the rear, which ensures you take on almost any terrain.

This lift kit is ideal for first-timers looking for something more affordable. By construction, it consists of aluminum components that are resistant to corrosion. The blocks and spacers feature all-aluminum construction and powder-coated pieces that hold against weather elements and chemicals. These properties make them durable. According to the manufacturer, the MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R lift kit can outlast GMC and Chevy pickup trucks.

The rear lift kit comes with US-made U-bolts. These bolts are of premium quality, which enhances the reliability of MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R lift kits.

Look no further for an affordable yet durable lift kit for improved off-road performance. This product is your starter kit to make your truck handle rough terrain without sacrificing comfort.

Pros and Cons

  • Relatively affordable
  • Reliable and durable
  • Comes as a complete kit with all installation hardware
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The lift could have been more
MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit image

Conclusion – The 5 Best Lift Kits for Improved Off-Road Performance

The main reason for installing lift kits on your vehicle is to improve off-road performance. But that is only possible if you buy high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Fortunately, you now know where to look if you read this post. It is a detailed review of the best lift kits on the market.

But before you buy any lift kit, ensure it will give you the necessary ground clearance without compromising the drivability and comfort. Some aftermarket products sacrifice factory properties such as stability and turn radius, which you should not consider. Also, the lift kit you buy should be easy to install and guarantee durability.

Lastly, consider what you want to achieve by installing lift kits. Some are just for creating an off-road look without performance improvement. Luckily, this buying guide has the best lift kits for performance improvement. You can buy any that fits your vehicle and is within your budget for guaranteed results.